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Citadel® - Since 1979 - Indie from the start, indie from the heart! It never even used to be a commonly used word. In fact, it was often used derogatorily...indie. That word used in identifying ‘self publication’ of a musical group, underground rag, filmmaker, theatre troupe, etc. Citadel® has been ‘INDIE’ from the start (1979), before it was the edgy, cool, artistic purist thing to be – there seemed no other way for Citadel® to escape the binding genre restrictions and sales pressures of commercial music homogenization. “Art for art’s sake” pioneers in sound, video and a nexus for festivals featuring music outside the boundaries (Progfest, etc.), they are 28+ years strong, and ever evolving under the family owned name - Citadel®. See and hear for yourself, the Citadel® Whitmans in whatever generation or incarnation of the band, are the ultimate indie, genre-busting folk rock prog metal symphonic art concept performing and recording band! Citadel® is a registered tradename, all rights reserved, and posted HERE by authors and owners. Visit, or for more pathways into the Citadel® Galactic Expanse!


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Over the years, a variety of intergalactic sources have been established for accessing the multimedia material of the Prog Folk Metal Symphonic Melodic Rock Band, Citadel®, founded in 1979 by Whitman & Hutchison and continuing to this day! Visit citadels
"Although we weren’t originally self identified as progressive…that’s what reviewers liken us to. We don't try to cater to that, but we don't mind, and we certainly don’t try to cater to being commercial either. Call us what you want, but not everything (we release) classifies as a ‘progressive’ song. It's probably more about the diversity of styles on each of our releases that give us a progressive feel overall... comments Whitman when interviewed, then somewhat smirking Whitman adds, “The eternal heated debates by elitists over what is or isn’t ‘prog’ is one of the major factors fighting the exposure that genre needs to stay alive and grow – it’s also a boring argument usually founded solely on subjective preferences…and often offensively evangelistic in it’s opinionated fervor,” Whitman grins again, “we don’t want to be stifled by a restrictive style label, but folks always ask ‘what KIND of music is it that you play?’ – what else can one do to answer those repetitive inquiries succinctly but generalize? It’s called ‘prog’…”
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