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Music and lyrics by Ed Hale
Arranged by Transcendence
Produced by Fred Freeman and Ed Hale
From the Transcendence CD Sleep With You, 2002

Get along as you are
Search your heart
And soon you'll find your way back home
Paint and be happy girl
Just let go
And stop your mind from turning on
Live your life like you see in your dreams
Next thing you know it's reality
I cannot do it for you I would
If I could veronica
Cause girl I know
That you’ll find
That your love’s a state of mind
And you will see
That you can be
Anything you’ve ever dreamed
And you will feel
When your heart
is on fire for something real

Get along as you are
Tune your soul in
And then you will feel whole
Stop wasting your time
Climb out of your schemes
Open your eyes
And you'll see what I mean
Your worried you’ll waste your love I know
But open your heart and let it flow
I wish I could do it for you I would
If I could veronica

Cause girl I know
That soon you'll find
That my love for you is blind
I could try to deny but I would die
I can see you and me
Running through a field of dreams
I know you
Got your plans
But I hope they include me

I heard you say
Don't touch me that way
But I don't see you running away
From that first day
That I called your name
I know we’ve never been the same
Song Comments

Moonlight 77
Wow... I was so sure that Transcendence was Brittish. It reminds me of Coldplay, Keane, Travis. Still Veronica is great song, I wouldn´t be suprised if I heard it on the radio very soon.

Bubbling Up
Blissfully beautiful lofi pop song with supa expressive vocalist,great descending chords and a sweet sense of melancholic joy..Thats not an oxymoron btw..Being happy in a state of sad longing for your eternal goddess dream woman is the inspiration of poets n artists thru the ages.........................Did i just say that? The very best players are (usually) intelligent with an artistic sensibility,so this track is Eric Cantona.At his prime worth a place in ANYONES team...

The SuperStation Hits
Lovely song! Highly recommended for listners

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